Concentrated fuel additive

FUELKLEEN multi functional concentrated fuel additive

JCK Distributors have a superior fuel additive that cater for a variety of fuel types including fuel treatment for diesel, petrol and biofuels,

FUELKLEEN is used in Car fleets, trucks, trains and fishing fleets, by mechanics, homeowners, large international corporations and small business owners.

FUELKLEEN is the best concentrated fuel additive suited for your needs, complete fuel treatment that is best suited to treat your fuel supply.
Our fuel additives contain rust inhibitors, surfactants that clean and slowly remove built up gums and resins, whilst reducing smoke and cleaning the entire fuel system.

With proven results both in laboratories and third party test results we have a 20 year history of successfully reducing our users fuel consumption and carbon footprint through providing a cleaner burn.

FUELKLEEN has been proven to reduce the ware scar by 16.4%
FUELKLEEN has been proven to emulsify water and remove the threat of diesel bug

We produce products to customers requirements, if all you need is a product to inhibit water forming to stop diesel bug and anti freeze then we can cater to this, the addition of extra lubricity can easily be catered for, and testing has proved very positive with regards to being able to implement a product with high lubricity properties, ideally suited to low sulfur fuels

FuelKleen as the ability to be synced up to an auto dosage machine. Auto dosing eliminates human error, theft and ensures you get the correct dosage. There are a variety of options and our direct supplier has many of units in operation around the world

Vehicle mounted dosing units
Auto dosing of Bulk fuel supply
Dosing of fuel just prior to the diesel being dispensed into the vehicle.


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