JCK Distributors your supplier for industry chemicals, JCK Distributors has an in depth knowledge of the industries we serve
and we have the ability to source products from suppliers around the world to suit your specifications.

We are the exclusive Australian distributor of many of these products and we have developed long lasting and very strong relationships.
JCK distributors has a strong team of technical professionals and our dedicated product and account managers will work closely with
you to ensure that you have the right materials for your application at the right time.
Scan through the industries to see what best suits you, we have a variety of Industry chemicals including specialist cleaning agents for the bitumen and asphalt
industry, magnesium fuel additives and complete fuel system conditioners, high grade aqueous degreasers, safe rust removers and sealers.
We stock the latest and diverse range of DyMark markers, Dymark aerosol cans and their growing range of sealants and rust protections




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